Christophe (Sage)

Creating sales documents for products and services 

The sales of products or services follow a process with a well-determined flow of sales documents. Each document has a specific function and represents a stage of the sales process. All of the documents provide a written record of the transaction, ensure transparency, facilitate monitoring and can resolve potential disputes.

Consulting bank reconciliation 

Bank reconciliation verifies that the data on your bank statement matches your recorded journal entries. This verification process ensures the accuracy of recorded transactions and makes it possible to identify errors and omissions. Bank reconciliation is not the same concept as matching. Matching makes it possible to combine movements in opposite directions. For example, matching

Creating a VAT return 

Depending on the activity you carry out, you must submit a certain type of VAT return. Acces the VAT return (Taxes > Tax forms). Select the Fiscal year and the Periodicity of the VAT return…

Activating Cash VAT for purchases 

When adding suppliers, depending on the type of activity of the latter, you can configure the type of VAT that will be taken into account when performing entries. Third party > Suppliers…