Adding a supplier, customer or employee

The creation of a third-party account account varies depending on whether you are creating a customer, supplier or employee:

  1. Access the Third party list.

    Third party > Suppliers or Customers or Employees

      Sales > Customers

  2. Add a new third party ( ).

To create a customer:


To create a supplier:


To create an employee:

Third party information

  1. Enter the mandatory information in the fields marked with an asterisk.
    If you have activated automatic numbering for the specified third party then the Code field will be automatically populated.
    The third party Code cannot be modified after validation. If there is an error with the third party Code, you will have to delete the third party and create it again.
  2. Provide further information in the optional fields as necessary for your business. This includes information about tax identification numbers and the classification code of economic activities based on the country the customer or supplier is based in.
    EU VAT number
    The structure of the EU VAT number is country specific.
  3. Provide a Main address for customers and suppliers. This is necessary for the creation of sales documents.
    If the Main address is missing or incomplete, you will not be able to add additional addresses in the Addresses tab.
  4. Optionally, complete the information for the Main contact (address, phone, e-mail, website).
    You can specify for which correspondence Type the e-mail address will be used.
    You can specify more than one address to cover cases where the main address is different from the delivery address or where there is more than one delivery address. You can define these on the tab Addresses.
  5. Save the Main contact (Accept).
  6. Save the third party (Create) or go to the next tab.


Adding contacts is not mandatory, but doing so allows you to assign contact information for specific people based on their role or department.

To add contacts for a third party:

  1. Access the Contacts tab.
  2. Add a contact to the third party.
  3. Fill in the contact information (address, telephone, e-mail, website).
    You can specify for which correspondence Type the e-mail address will be used.
  4. Confirm.

The contact appears in the list of contacts attached to the third-party account you are creating. You can add, modify or delete the created contacts if necessary.

Payment terms

  1. Add payment terms or select previously created Payment terms to automate the payment entry.
  2. Confirm.


Adding additional addresses is not mandatory but can be useful when working with customers that have multiple business locations such as production sites, warehouses, regional offices, etc.

To add additional addresses, you need to have provided a complete main address in the information tab.

To add an additional address:

  1. Go to the Addresses tab.
  2. Add as many addresses as needed.
  3. Save.

Sales terms and conditions

You can define the terms and conditions that apply when selling to a specific customer, and how you want to set up the sales document creation for this customer.

  1. Go to the Sales terms and conditions tab.
  2. Select the price list or the discount group you want to assign to the customer.
    If you cannot find the appropriate price list or discount group, you can create them directly using the   Create link or Manage list option at the bottom of each search box.
  3. If necessary, add a Customer discount % used for the customer at the sales document level.
  4. Determine if any sales document type needs to be locked for the customer.
  5. Confirm.

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