Listing all documents related to a sales document 

Each sales document acts like a link in a chain of other sales documents. Sage Active allows you to easily view the sequence of documents leading up to the one you are using and tells you if there are any other documents related to this document. To check the documents related to a specific sales

Submitting a VAT return through EDI 

Sage Active allows you to submit your VAT returns automatically through the EDI portal. To submit a VAT return: Access your tax returns. Taxes > Tax returns Select the tax return to submit. Access the Sage compliance service page ( View tax return ). Choose to submit the VAT return through EDI. If you want

Creating a template for emailing PDF sales documents 

To facilitate sending sales documents in a PDF format, you can create templates for the emails that are used for this purpose. You can still modify these emails at the time of sending. To create an email template: Access the company’s settings. Configuration > Company management Go to the Email settings tab. Choose if you

Emailing sales documents as PDF files 

After creating a sales document, you can send a copy as a PDF to your customer, via email. To send a PDF copy of a sales document: Access the sales document list for the chosen document.  Sales > Sales quotes  Sales > Sales orders  Sales > Sales delivery notes Edit the document (  ). Open

Creating a sales document based on a previously created sales document 

Sage Active simplifies sales operations by enabling seamless progression from one sales document to another. You can freely advance a transaction through the stages of quote, order, delivery note and invoice. To create a sales document based on a previously created document: Access the sales document list for the chosen document.  Sales > Sales quotes

Creating sales documents for products and services 

The sales of products or services follow a process with a well-determined flow of sales documents. Each document has a specific function and represents a stage of the sales process. All of the documents provide a written record of the transaction, ensure transparency, facilitate monitoring and can resolve potential disputes.

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