Third party  Payment terms

Creating terms for payment in three instalments 

The application comes with several payment terms that you can take inspiration from to add more. When you create payment conditions, you can for example set the specific day for the payment to take place. In this example, the second due date is forced to 3 possible dates. To create terms for a payment in

Adding payment terms to third parties 

When dealing with customers and suppliers, you will have negotiated different payment terms with some or maybe most of them. You can link predefined or custom payment terms to your customers and suppliers: directly in the third party information; as reusable payment terms for other third parties. In this case, you attach these payment terms

Automating the payment terms 

When handling the reception of payments from your customers or when paying your own suppliers, you will need to set different terms and conditions for these payments. The payment terms make it possible to record all necessary the payment conditionsand to link them to third parties in order to automate the entry of payments.

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