Adding payment terms to third parties

When dealing with customers and suppliers, you will have negotiated different payment terms with some or maybe most of them. You can link predefined or custom payment terms to your customers and suppliers:


Adding payment terms to a third party will automate journal entries; when you create an invoice for a third party to whom you have assigned payment terms, the application automatically adds the payment method and adds as many lines as there are due dates in the payment terms, to the concerned journal.

To add Payment terms to a third party:

  1. Access the list of Customers or Suppliers.

    Third parties > Customers or Suppliers

  2. Select a customer or supplier.
  3. Open the Payment terms tab.
  4. Select existing Payment terms or create new ones.
    The selected payment terms are displayed in the table.
  5. You can modify these payment terms: add  (Add ), delete (  )  or modify the values ( ) for the deadlines.
    The procedure for adding or modifying payment terms, is identical to their creation.
    All changes you make to the payment terms will be limited to the current third party, no changes will be made to the existing Payment terms.
  6. Save.

You have now added payment terms to the third party. When you create an invoice for a third party that has payment terms, these terms are automatically proposed as well as the attached payment method (Cheque, etc.).

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