Sales  Products and services

Creating sales documents for products and services 

The sales of products or services follow a process with a well-determined flow of sales documents. Each document has a specific function and represents a stage of the sales process. All of the documents provide a written record of the transaction, ensure transparency, facilitate monitoring and can resolve potential disputes.

Setting up discount groups for products and services 

Different customers can receive different discounts for some or all products or services. You can automate this process by creating Discount groups. Discounts groups allow you to set up lists of discounts for each product or service and you can even assign separate discounts for different quantities.

Deleting a price list 

Your price lists typically finish on the End date that you specify when setting them up. However, you can also delete a price list if it is no longer needed or if you created it in error. Before removing a price list, make sure it isn’t associated to a customer or used in a sales

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