Adding products or services

Before you can begin creating sales documents, you need to set up products or services to add to them.

To do this:

  1. Access the products and services list.

     Sales > Products and services

  2. Add a product or service (Create).
  3. Complete the mandatory information under the Basic information tab.
    The Creation date is the date that the product or service is available for sale for the first time.
  4. Choose the Tax group.
    The Tax group is used to determine the VAT percentage and VAT ledger accounts that are used when posting an invoice with this product or service.
  5. Complete the Unit price excluding VAT and the Discount percentage under the Sales prices and discounts tab.
    The Tax amount is calculated by applying the percentage from the Tax group to the result of Unit price excluding VAT multiplied by the Discount percentage.
  6. Choose the Account.
    The Account is used to determine the sales ledger account that is used when posting an invoice with this product or service. By default, the ledger account in the accounting settings is used.
  7. Restrict the use of the product or service in specific documents if necessary using the Lock switch for each document type.
  8. Save the product or service.


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