Modifying the numbering of entities

Sequence numbers allow you to organize items in a list in an orderly and coherent manner and apply to journal entries, third parties and sales documents. Sage Active is delivered with default sequence numbers that you can modify. However, you can also create new ones for orders, delivery notes, invoices, and journal entries.

In all cases:

  • Journal entries are numbered automatically.
  • Customer and supplier codes are filled in automatically.
  • Employee codes are filled in automatically.
  • Sales document numbers are filled in automatically.


You can interrupt this sequential numbering at any time and start the numbering again from a new number. To do this, modify the next sequence number:

  1. Access the sequence numbers.

    Configuration > Company – Sequence numbers

    For an active sequence, the Last number used value corresponds to the number assigned to the last recorded entity.

  2. Select the Entity to modify ( ).
  3. Enter the Last number used.
    The chosen number needs to be higher than the last number used.

    The last number used is number 125, which corresponds to the number of the last recorded entry.
    You want the next number assigned to be 200; enter 199 as the last number used. The next number assigned will be 200, then 201, 202, etc.


  4. Enter a fiscal year when mandatory. This is indicated with an asterisk in the field title.
  5. When creating orders, delivery notes, or invoices, select the button Configure to further customise the sequence numbers.
    This change will affect the numbering of all new documents. Existing documents will retain their numbering.
  6. In Preview, you can see what the sequence number for that document type will look like.
  7. Save your changes.

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