Adding a reason for refusal and closing a quote

You can record a customer’s reason for refusal when closing a quote by adding this in the document notes.

  • You have a quote for a registered customer (and not a prospect).
  • The status of the quote is Pending.

To close a quote and add a reason for refusal:

  1. Access the list of sales quotes.

     Sales > Sales quotes

  2. Edit the quote that you want to close (  ).
  3. If you know the reason for refusal, you can provide it in the Notes tab to keep a record of this for future business interactions.
    You can no longer enter a reason for refusal after closing the quote.
  4. Close the quote ( Close).
  5. Save.

You cannot modify a quote once it is closed. You can still delete (  ) the quote or open (  ) it from the list to perform further tasks such as printing.



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