Deleting a sales document

Under normal circumstances, you can delete a sales document after creating it. However, there are specific circumstances where it is not possible to delete the document.

You cannot delete the following documents:

  •  A document linked to another document. For example:
      • A quote from which an order was generated.
      • An order from which a delivery note was generated.
      • A delivery note from which an invoice was generated.
      • An invoice from which a credit note was generated.
  • Quotes, orders, and delivery notes that are Closed.
  • Invoices that have the status Posted or Unposted.


To delete a sales document:

  1. Access the list of the sales document you want to delete.

    Sales > Sales quotes, Sales orders, Sales delivery notes or Sales invoices

  2. You can look for the document in the list or use the Search…   bar.
  3. Delete the document ( ).

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