Generating a provisional FEC file

In the event of an audit by the DGFiP, you can generate the provisional FEC (File of journal entries) at any time.

The validation of the journal entries for the selected period will take place automatically when the provisional FEC is generated.
  1. Access the Provisional FEC.

    Processing > FEC generation > Provisional FEC

  2. Select a period ( ).
    The periods preceding the selected period are automatically selected ( ).
  3. Generate the FEC.
  4. Confirm the FEC generation.

The FEC is generated.

During the generation of the provisional FEC, the journal entries for this period will be validated automatically. You will not be able to modify or delete them. However, you can enter new entries on the validated period if necessary.

The periods for which the FEC was generated have the status Generated.

You can access the FEC (  ).

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