Creating a quote for a customer

To start the sales process, you can create a quote for a customer.

Input best practices
  • To take automatic input into account, use the Tab key to move from one entry field to another when typing.
  • In the event of an entry error, it is preferable to delete the line ( ) and start the entry again in order to preserve the input automation.

To create a quote:

  1. Access the quotes list

     Sales > Sales quotes

  2. Create the quote.
  3. Select a Customer.
  4. Add a product/service line.
  5. Select a product/service.
  6. Complete and adjust the necessary information for each field in the products and services item line.
  7. You can add further optional information in the additional sales quote tabs:
    Totals and discounts: You can add an individual discount for the customer;
    Notes: These can either be internal to your company or shared with the customer (external);
    Customer information: You can optionally add further details about the customer here.
  8. Save.

The quote is created with the status Pending.

If the customer accepts this quote, you can automatically generate the order (  Generate order).

If the customer refuses this quote, you can then close the quote and record a reason for refusal.

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