Creating a sales document based on a previously created sales document

Sage Active simplifies sales operations by enabling seamless progression from one sales document to another. You can freely advance a transaction through the stages of quote, order, delivery note and invoice.

To create a sales document based on a previously created document:

  1. Access the sales document list for the chosen document.

     Sales > Sales quotes
     Sales > Sales orders
     Sales > Sales delivery notes

  2. Edit the document (  ).
  3. Generate the proposed document or choose another document through the list (    ) next to the button in the lower right hand side.
  4. Enter the quantity to allocate for each document line. You can use Allocate pending quantity to set the allocated quantity to the pending quantity. You can still manually change the allocated quantity.
    The Pending quantity is based on the Quantity in each line of the original document.
  5. Generate the document (Confirm).

The generated sales document opens automatically and can be modified as needed.

If the quantities for each product or service in the generated document are identical to those in the original document, the status of the original document is changed to Closed and status of each line is changed to Completed. You can no longer modify or delete any of the lines in the original document.

If the allocated quantities for one or more products or services in the generated document are less than those in the original document, the status of the original document remains as Pending and the status of each partially allocated line in the generated document is changed to Partial. You can create an additional sales document based on the partially allocated lines.

You can see all documents that are linked by this process via the Related documents button.

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