Emailing sales documents as PDF files

After creating a sales document, you can send a copy as a PDF to your customer, via email. You can customise these PDF files in various ways.

To send a PDF copy of a sales document:

  1. Access the sales document list for the chosen document.

     Sales > Sales quotes
     Sales > Sales orders
     Sales > Sales delivery notes
     Sales > Sales invoices

  2. Edit the document (  ).
  3. Open the Send PDF side panel ( Send PDF ).
  4. Add or modify the information for your email.
    Pre-filled fields

    Most fields in this panel can be pre-filled:

    • From: Shows the email address for the user that is currently logged in.
    • To: Shows the email address of the third-party contact for the document (Customer information tab) or in the cases of a sales invoice the address in the Invoice email field (Customer information tab).
    • Send me a copy, Subject and Message: These values are pre-configured in the Email settings of your company’s configuration.
  5. Send the email.

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