Quickly adding purchase invoices with OCR assistance

It is possible to quickly record purchase invoices in Sage Active, even if you do not have prior accounting experience.

To complete this task, you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read the information from your purchase invoices in PDF or image files, and then convert it into journal entries.

To record purchase invoices:

  1. Enter the Purchase invoices screen.

    Purchase invoices

  2. Drag one or more PDF or image files containing purchase invoices to the zone on the top of the screen.
  3. Wait for the grid lines for each purchase invoice to appear and display the status Pending.
    The following steps need to be taken for each invoice you wish to record.
  4. Edit the grid line for the chosen document (  ).
  5. Verify or complete the information in the right-hand part of the screen.
    Missing supplier
    If the supplier recognised by the OCR is not present in Sage Active, you can add them by using the Create button at the bottom of the Supplier dropdown list. The creation screen for a supplier appears, pre-filled with all information the OCR has recognised.
    After creating the supplier, you can select them from the dropdown list and the Purchase account is completed automatically based on the supplier information.
  6. Update the purchase invoice if you made any changes.
  7. Post the invoice.
  8. Choose a Journal.
  9. Modify the Posting date and Description if needed.
  10. Post the invoice.

As long as you do not post your purchase invoices, they remain Pending and you can still edit (  ) or delete (  ) them from the grid.

When a purchase invoice has the status Posted, you can view its information (  ) or view its journal entry (  ).

If you want to enter a purchase invoice for which you do not possess a digital copy, you can add a line to the grid using the Create button. This will skip the OCR recognition process and allow you to manually enter your information.

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