Submitting a VAT return through EDI

Sage Active allows you to submit your VAT returns automatically through the EDI portal.

To submit a VAT return:

  1. Access your tax returns.

    Tax returns

  2. Select the tax return to submit.
  3. Access the Sage compliance service page ( Manage tax return ).
  4. Choose to submit the VAT return through EDI.
  5. If you want to keep a PDF copy of your VAT return, choose the PDF preview option at the bottom of the page.
    Follow the instructions that appear to save a PDF file containing your VAT return. You can access this file later through the View or attach files button in the Tax returns screen.

    You cannot complete this step after submitting your VAT return.
  6. Send your VAT return using the button at the bottom of the Sage compliance service page.

Your VAT return is now being submitted. You can check the progress through  > Check status.

Status updates are not instantaneous. It can take some time for the status to change.

The status can take the following values:

  • Ready: The VAT return hasn’t been submitted yet.
  • Pending approval: The submission is ongoing.
  • Submitted: The submission completed successfully.
  • Submission Failed: The VAT return contains errors. A file describing these error can be downloaded using the View or attach files button.


To resubmit your VAT return after a failed submission, you need to go trough the steps in this description again.

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