Creating a VAT return

You will send several VAT returns per year in order to declare the amounts of collected and deductible VAT on transactions carried out over a given period.
Sage Active allows both the direct and manual transmission of VAT returns to the tax authorities.

You have already configured a model for you VAT return.

To create a VAT return:

    1. Access the VAT returns.

      Taxes > Tax returns

    2. From the sidebar, select the period for the VAT return (status New).
      The VAT return displays all the entries recorded over the period.
      If you were to add an entry for this same month (Accounting > Journal entries), you will have to recalculate the VAT return to take this new entry into account (Recalculate).
    3. Modify the entries if necessary (  ).
      After modification, recalculate the VAT return (Recalculate).
    4. Consult the VAT return (View tax return).
      The VAT return is displayed in a new browser tab.
      The VAT return status changes from New to Ready.
    5. In the displayed VAT return, you can:
        • Fill in and save additional data if necessary.
          Saved data will not be retrieved in Sage Active.
        • View the VAT return in PDF format to download it.
        • Submit the VAT return through EDI.
    6. Send the VAT return to the tax authorities. You can do this manually or directly via EDI.
      If the VAT return has been transmitted manually, mark the VAT return as submitted (Mark as submitted).
    7. Confirm.

The journal entries included in the VAT return are validated automatically and can no longer be modified.

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