Choosing the tax form for the company

You can configure one or more tax forms that will serve as a base for the VAT returns of your company.
To configure the tax forms for the VAT returns:

  1. Access the Companies configuration.

    Configuration > Company – Company management

  2. Edit the line for the company that needs to be configured ( ).
  3. Access the Legal obligations tab.
  4. Add a line to the tax forms grid (Add).
    Each line you add, will allow you to specify a tax form and the period during which this form is valid.
  5. Choose a Tax form code as well as a Start date and End date for the period during which this tax form is to be used.
    The following rules apply to these dates:

    • There can be no gap between dates. Each grid line needs to have a Start date following directly after the End date of the previous line (except for the very first line).
    • One grid line needs an empty End date to assure there is at least one tax form that stays valid for an unlimited time (normally this will be the last line entered).
    • Only one grid line can have an empty End date, to avoid ambiguity in the choice of the tax form to apply.
    • The dates must be chosen in such a way that no two periods of validity overlap, to avoid ambiguity in the choice of the tax form to apply.
  6. Save the grid line (Update).

You can repeat these steps if you want to use different tax forms for different periods.

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