Recalculating a VAT return

If you haven’t submitted your VAT return yet, you can recalculate it to take into account changes that were made after the creation of the VAT return (like new journal entries, for example).

The VAT return can only be recalculated when it has the status Ready.

To recalculate the VAT return:

  1. Access the Tax forms.

    Taxes > Tax returns

  2. Choose a VAT return from the left-hand side.
    VAT return can only be recalculated if their status is Ready.
  3. Recalculate the VAT return.
    The status will be reset to New.
  4. Confirm.

You need to verify your VAT return again (  View tax return). Only a VAT return with status Ready can be marked as submitted.
The VAT return has now taken into account the changes made since its creation. You can now continue to treat it in the usual way.

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