Recording collected payments for sales invoices

When you have created sales invoices and submitted them to your customers, you can easily record the payments you collect for these invoices.

The invoice you want to record the collection for is posted.

To collect a payment for a sales invoice:

  1. Access the sales invoices list:

    Sales > Sales invoices

  2. Edit the posted invoice that you want to record a collection for (  ).
  3. Open the Record collection screen ( Record collection ).
  4. Modify or choose the Collection date, Bank or cash account and the Amount to record.
  5. If the customer’s Payment terms state they can pay in multiple instalments, you need to select one or more Open items that the collected payment settles.
    By default the oldest open item will be selected.
    When the Amount to record is greater than that of a single open item, additional open items will automatically be selected until the Amount to record is reached.
    When you manually select multiple open items , the Amount to record will automatically update to propose the total of the amounts for these open items.
  6. You can add a Journal entry description to easily identify the journal entry for this payment.
  7. Confirm the collection.

The payment collection process automatically creates the necessary journal entry and performs the matching.

When the customer pays their invoice in multiple instalments, you need to repeat the collection procedure until the invoice is fully collected.

Once the invoice is fully collected, this is indicated by a message in the header of the invoice and you can no longer record payments.


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