Initialising accounting with a FEC

Import a journal entries file to recover the previous information regarding your accounting.

  • You have a file of journal entries in FEC format (text file, .txt) obtained from an accounting application.
  • To prevent import failures due to a non-compliant FEC structure, check that the structure is compliant using the online tool provided by the DGFiP.

Importing a FEC

When the company is already created and you want to initialize the accounting with an FEC:

  1. Access Import FEC.

    Imports > Import FEC

    The FEC import checklist reminds you of all necessary actions:

  2. Before initializing a new company, add accounts (Add accounts).
  3. Add the FEC-related fiscal year (Create fiscal years).
  4. Check that the third parties present in the FEC are created in the application.
    When third parties are missing, create them (Import third parties).
  5. Check that the journals present in the FEC are also present in the application.
    When journals are missing, create them (Create journals).
  6. Close the window and proceed to the import step.
  7. Drop the FEC (in txt format) in the upload area.
  8. A new line is added automatically and the analysis of the file begins.
    You are informed of the evolution of the analysis throughout the process, through the Description column.
  9. The status Imported confirms that the import was successful.
    All elements such as: third parties, journal entries, accounts, and so on are added if they are present in the FEC.

To find out which elements are imported, and/or which elements are missing, activate the menu located at the right end of the line.

Fixing errors / adding missing elements

Depending on the type of error detected, you can correct them and restart the FEC processing without having to upload the file again.

FEC with errors
If the errors originate from the FEC, you will need to correct the FEC and upload it again.

When the status Partially imported appears:

  1. Activate the menu at the right end of the line.
  2. Show the missing elements.
  3. If the missing elements can be added directly in the application, add them.
  4. Once the items are added, go back to importing the FEC.
  5. Restart the FEC import ( ).
    The analyses will be relaunched.

The status Imported confirms that the import was successful.
If not, repeat the changes until the status Imported is displayed.

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