Copying sales documents

You can create a copy of a sales document, independent from its type or status.

You can choose a new Customer, Date or Document prefix for the copied document, but the prices, discounts and other amounts are no recalculated for the new customer, they remain exact duplicates of the values in the original document.

To copy a document:

  1. Access the sales document list for the chosen document.

    Sales > Sales quotes
    Sales > Sales orders
    Sales > Sales delivery notes
    Sales > Sales invoices

  2. Edit the document (  ).
  3. Open the  menu.
  4. Copy the document.
  5. Fill out at least the required information.
  6. Confirm.

The copied document appears in the documents grid with the status Draft.

The Internal notes field in the Notes tab for the original and copied document will mention the document number for the copied or original document.
The Price and discount detail screen ) for each line in the Products and services tab of the copied document will also indicate that the prices and discounts were copied from another document.

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