Optimizing entries

The elements delivered by default (accounting journals, chart of accounts and tax rates) have been configured to enhance your entries with automatization. The configuration consists of linking all elements together.

The account 70102000 (Sales finished products 20%) is attached to tax code C0030 which corresponds to a received VAT percentage of 20%.
Thus, during the entry of a sales invoice, the entry line corresponding to the VAT is calculated automatically.

Optimization of settings

Automatic entry can be optimized by adapting the configuration of existing accounting elements but also by configuring new elements.

To optimize the accounting elements, you can:

    • Create payment terms and then link them to third-party accounts.
      Thus, as soon as a third party is entered in a line of an entry, the payment terms attached to this third party are automatically proposed.
    • Link third party accounts to general accounts.
        • If you have customers who only buy products taxed by 20% VAT, you can link their Customer account to a general account such as account 70102000 (Sales finished products 20%).
          During entry, the selection of the customer automatically fills in the attached general account.

        • If you still buy products taxed by 5.5% VAT from some of your suppliers, you can link this supplier to a general account such as account 60105000 (Material purchases 5.5%).
          During entry, the selection of the supplier automatically fills in the attached general account.


In conclusion
Each time you create a third party account, a payment term, a tax code or a general account, link these elements in order to automate and subsequently facilitate your entries (purchases, sales, etc.)

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