Importing journal entries

You can import journal entries to complete an existing database and therefore avoid manual data entry in the application.

To import journal entries, first download the import template. This template shares important information and presents the only valid file structure for a successful import.

If you want to import data retrieved from an accounting or business management application, make sure that this data respects the structure of the import template.

Input help
To structure your data, consult the input help article, which informs you about the correct values for data.

To import journal entries:

  1. Access Import journal entries.

    Imports > Import journal entries

  2. If you are working under German legislation, enter a Session ID.
    This is not necessary for French and Spanish legislations.
  3. Download the template (Download import template).
  4. Open the file in Excel.
  5. Consult the input help article to better understand how to enter the correct values for journal entries.
    If you are using your own CSV file, copy/paste the first three lines of the template file into your own file.
  6. Insert your journal entry data starting from line 4.
    Delete the text on line 4 and replace it with your own data.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Drop the file into the upload area on the Import journal entries screen.
  9. File analysis begins.

You can view the progress of your import in the Description column.
The status Imported confirms that your journal entries data is successfully imported.

To check if your data includes any missing elements, use the menu located at the end of each line.

French and Spanish Legislation
  • If the ledger account is not present, it will be generated automatically based on the provided Account and Account Name.
  • When a third party is not present, it will be automatically generated using the Third Party ID and Third Party Name, if provided. In case this information is not available, the system will use the Account and Account Name to create the third party.


German Legislation
  • If the ledger account is not present, it is impossible to automatically create the ledger account.
  • If a third party is not present, it is impossible to automatically create the third party.

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