Connecting an additional bank account

You have several bank accounts with the same bank, but only some are associated with your Accounting.
To connect an additional account:

  1. Access Bank accounts and cash.

    Bank accounts > Bank accounts and cash

  2. Connect the account you wish to synchronize.
    The window to Connect your bank account appears.
  3. Select your bank.
    A strong authentication method secures access to the bank and guarantees that the person who connects to the bank data is authorized to do so. To identify yourself, you will use an authentication method that differs from one bank to another.
  4. Follow the assistant until you are asked to select the dates for the download of account statements.
  5. Select the Start date for synchronizing transactions.
    The sync date usually corresponds to transactions for the last 30 days.

    Some banks allow you to download transactions from the last 90 days only.
  6. Continue.
    The window Bank connected successfully appears.
    The window Bank account connected appears.
  7. Accept.
  8. Download the statements for the account you just added (Sync).

The bank account is connected to and synchronized with the bank.
Automatic synchronizations are performed daily.

You can process the transactions you just synchronized (View transactions).

If you no longer wish to download bank transactions, open the account ( ) and disconnect it.

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