Generating the third parties balance report

To verify the current balance for one or more third parties, you can generate the third parties balance report.

  1. Access the Third parties balance report.

     Reports > Third-party reports – Third parties balance

  2. Select the Fiscal year and the start and end date for which you want to view the third parties balance.
    You can select a Month to automatically set the Date from and To  to the beginning and end of this month.
  3. Select a Third party type to be used in the report.
    By default, the proposed account type is Customer because it is the most common.
  4. Select the third parties that you want to view in the report using Third party from and To.
    The range proposed by default is empty so the report will include all third parties.
  5. Activate Compare cumulative values if you need to display additional columns with the cumulative values for Debit, Credit and Balance on the chosen end date.
  6. Activate Exclude third parties with zero balance if you do not need to see third parties with debit equal to credit for the chosen period.
  7. Activate Include temporary carry-forward lines if you need the temporary carry-forward entries to be taken into account in the report.
  8. Generate the report.
  9. Export the report as an XLSX or CSV file if necessary.

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