Derogating from the VAT during entry

Even if you have configured the VAT in your company’s settings, you can modify this on a case-by-case basis when recording your entries.

Entry principle
  • To make sure that all automatic functions are used during entry, use the Tab key to move from one zone to another.
  • If you made a mistake, it’s better to erase the line ( ) and restart it to keep using all automatic functions.

The procedure below corresponds to all types of entries: purchases, sales, payments, etc.

This change is made during the entry of the sale or purchase document.

To enter an accounting document and change the VAT scheme:

  1. Access the Journal entries.

    Accounting > Journal entries

  2. Create the accounting document (Create ).
  3. Select the journal related to the entry type (purchases, sales, etc.).
  4. Select a date.
  5. Add (+Create) and complete the entry lines.
  6. Open the Invoice details panel.
  7. Toggle the Cash VAT setting ON or OFF.
  8. Save.

The invoice is recorded and the VAT scheme is modified only for this entry.

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