Configuring a VAT return model

The application allows you to set up different models for your VAT returns. You choose one or more models to apply and assign them validity periods. Thus, you can use one type of declaration for a specific period and then you automatically switch to another model on the chosen date.

To select a model for the VAT return:

  1. Access the company’s settings:

    Configuration > Company – Company management

  2. Edit your company ( ).
  3. Open the tab Legal obligations.
  4. Add a line for the model (Add).
    Each row allows you to add a different model for which you select a start and end date.
  5. Enter the model code.
  6. Indicate the Start date from which the model must be taken into account.
    Add an End Date or not, depending on your needs and according to the following applicable rules:

    • There can be no discontinuity between dates. Each model row must have a Start Date that immediately follows the End Date of the previous row (except for the very first configured model).
    • One model must not have an End Date to ensure that at least one declaration model is valid for an indefinite period (in principle it is the last line added).
    • Only one model should have an empty End Date to avoid any ambiguity as to which model to apply.
    • The dates must be set in such a way that no period overlaps, in order to avoid any ambiguity in the choice of the model to apply.


  7. Confirm.

You can add as many models as you want.

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