Copying a journal entry

If you posted an journal entry in the wrong journal or in the wrong period, you can correct the error without first deleting the journal entry. Copying the entry moves it to another journal of the same type and/or period. During this process, you can choose whether or not to also keep the entry in the original journal.

  1. Access the journal entries.

    Accounting > Journal entries

  2. Select the journal that contains the entry to copy.
  3. Edit the entry that needs to be copied ( ).
  4. Copy the entry (  Copy entry ).
  5. In the Copy entry window, choose a Date and a Journal to copy the entry to.
  6. If you want to delete the original journal entry after the copy, toggle Delete source entry.
    Associated open items
    Original entries cannot be deleted if at least one associated open entry has been treated.
  7. Enter a Description if needed.
  8. Copy the entry (Copy).

A message will confirm that the entry has been successfully copied.

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