Temporarily disabling or re-enabling an account

When you no longer wish to use a account on which entries have already been entered during previous fiscal years, you have the option of deactivating it. This option allows you to deactivate an account and therefore make it invisible. It no longer appears in the selection of accounts and it cannot be used during journal entries. You deactivate an account from the configuration of the Chart of accounts. You consult the list of deactivated accounts from this menu. This feature is not permanent and you can reactivate accounts as needed from the Chart of accounts at any time.

To deactivate an account:

  1. Access the Chart of accounts.

    Configuration > Accounting – Chart of accounts

  2. Search for the account to deactivate.
    You look for it in the list of the Chart of accounts or use the Search… bar.
  3. Modify the account ( ).
  4. Activate the Deactivated switch to deactivate the account.
    Reactivating an account
    Deactivate the Deactivated switch to make the account visible again.
  5. Confirm (Update).
Deactivating a third party
You can also deactivate a third party account (customer or supplier), via the menu Third party.

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