Listing all documents related to a sales document

Each sales document acts like a link in a chain of other sales documents. Sage Active allows you to easily view the sequence of documents leading up to the one you are using and tells you if there are any other documents related to this document.

To check the documents related to a specific sales document:

  1. Access the sales document list for the chosen document.

     Sales > Sales quotes
     Sales > Sales orders
     Sales > Sales delivery notes
     Sales > Sales invoices

  2. Edit the document (  ).
  3. Open the Related documents side panel ( Related documents ).

In the side panel, you can see a grid containing the current document and all of the other sales documents relating to it. This information includes the document number, date and status for each one.

You can use the icon (  ) at the end of each row in the grid to open the sales document in a separate browser tab so that you can easily compare different sales documents.

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