Setting up price lists for products and services

You can change the prices of your products and services based on the customer you are selling to, the quantity of units or the date they are sold. Price lists allow you to manage this process and temporarily deviate from the price set when you created your product or service.

The original Unit price excluding VAT set for the product or service will not be overwritten. Price lists only influence the Unit price proposed in sales documents.

To set up a price list:

  1. Access Price lists.

     Sales > Prices and discounts > Price lists

  2. Create a price list.
  3. Enter a Price list code and Description.
  4. Determine how the price list will alter the prices by choosing an Adjustment type:
    • Fixed price: The original price for the products or services will be replaced by a fixed value.
    • Increase percentage: The original price for the products or services will be increased by a given percentage.
    • Increase amount: The original price for the products or services will be increased by a given amount.
  5. Choose a Start date and End date to set the active period for the price list.
  6. Add a product or service to the price list.
  7. Choose a Product/service code.
  8. Determine the price adjustment.
    This column will either be displayed as Fixed price, Increase percentage or Increase amount depending on your previously designated Adjustment type.

    If the original Unit price excluding VAT set up at the creation of “product A” is €100 and you have added it to a price list with Increase percentage “50%” and the Start date and End date are respectively “1/2/24” and “29/2/24”, the Unit price in a sales document before 1/2/24 or after 29/2/24 will be €100. In between those dates, 6/2/24 for example, the proposed price will be €150.

    Price adjustments by quantity
    You can fine-tune the price adjustment by editing ( ) the line and adding (AddSections.
    Each section line allows you to specify a number of units (as a range starting from Minimum units to Maximum units) and the adjustment associated with that number of units.
  9. Add additional products or services to the price list if needed.
  10. Save the price list (Create).

When completed, the price list can be assigned to a customer. To do this, navigate to the Sales terms and conditions tab in the relevant customer screen. This will make sure that this price list is used by default in each sales document for this customer.

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