Generating the aging balance

To verify open customer and supplier accounts, you can generate the aging balance.

  1. Acces the Aging balance.

    Reports > Third-party reports – Ageing balance

  2. Select a Report date.
    This date will make it possible to calculate the number of days payments are late, according to the due date or the date of entry.
  3. Select a Third party type to be used in the report.
    By default, the proposed account type is Customer, because it is the most common.
  4. Select the Third party (From… to) to be used in the report.
    The range proposed by default is empty, so the report will include all third party accounts.
  5. If necessary, modify the default deadlines which determine the columns of the report:
    • 1st deadline: 1 to 30 days of late payment.
    • 2nd deadline: 31 to 45 days of late payment.
    • 3rd deadline: 46 to 60 days of late payment.
  6. Generate the aging balance.

You can export the report to an Excel file in .csv or .xlsx format.

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