Creating a fiscal year

The fiscal year is a period during which you record all of your transactions.

When creating entries, you can choose one of the months in this fiscal year.

Maximum fiscal year length
The maximum length for a fiscal year depends on the legislation you are working under:
  • Germany: 12 months
  • France: 24 months
  • Spain: 12 months

You can work on two fiscal years simultaneously.

  1. Go to the fiscal year list.

    Configuration > Accounting – Fiscal years

  2. Add a fiscal year (Create).
  3. Enter a name (for example, 2024) and a description.
  4. Select a start date for the fiscal year.
  5. Enter the number of months without exceeding the maximum fiscal year length for your legislation.
  6. Save.

The fiscal year is created and displays each of its open months.

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