2-factor authentication (2FA) for multi-user Sage accounts

2-factor authentication adds extra security to your Sage account.

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Every time you log in, you need to provide a code to verify that it’s you. For Sage users, this means ensuring that 2FA is set up for each individual user. If you haven’t set up 2FA yourself, you won’t receive a verification code. Here’s how to make 2FA work for multiple users within your organisation:

Understand the importance of individual 2FA

Every user needs to have their own set of login credentials. Shared accounts are a significant security risk. 2FA adds an extra layer of protection, but when credentials are shared, this advantage is nullified.

Sharing account details can lead to unauthorised access and difficulty tracking changes made to your data. Encourage all users to have their own account with unique 2FA setup.

Add users correctly

Instead of sharing account details, you must add users to your Sage account. This allows you to manage permissions and access levels, ensuring that users only see what they need to.

Read more about how to add users.

Add accountants correctly

As with users, any accountants or bookkeepers who use your log in details must set up their own. They can set up as an accountant, or you can invite them as a user.

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