Exporting information for the tax consultant

When your tax consultant asks you to provide them with an export of your accounting information, you can easily provide these files through the DATEV export in Sage Active.

Both the Consultant number and the Legal obligations are present in the the Legal obligations tab of your company’s settings.
If these prerequisites are not met, you will be notified in the top area of the export screen.

To perform the DATEV export:

  1. Access Export to tax consultant.

    Reports and exports > Exports – Export to tax consultant

  2. Check the box in front of each item you want to include in the export (Journal entries, Third parties and Chart of accounts).
    When you check a box, you can do additional fine tuning of the selected item, such as applying a date range or deciding on the inclusion of inactive elements.
  3.  Generate the files for the chosen items.
    The previously generated files will be overwritten.

The amount of time needed for the export to complete greatly depends on the number of journal entries, third parties and ledger accounts in your company.

The grid contains separate rows for Journal entries, Third parties and Chart of accounts exports.

When the column Status in the grid is Completed, you can download your file through the icon  at the end of the row for your chosen export.

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